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Welcome to the FA!

Greetings. We are a spiritual community based upon Star Wars. In addition to the more 'serious' pursuits, many individuals here enjoy the fandom of Star Wars. We are not a role-play community, and ask that in your participation in the forums that you refrain from any RPG. Thank you, and enjoy your stay! Look to the upper right for more navigation options.

Chat information

18th October, 2008 | By: The Technical Team

In order to greatly simplify things for our users we have integrated PHPFreeChat with our new forum software. This means no programs to install, no confusion about all the different links. In order to use our chat, please register for an account on our forums. Once logged into the forums you will automatically be able to connect to the chat using the following link:

This is a private server and is not open for channel registrations or any form of abuse, please read the chat rules located here as you may be held to them and/or have your access revoked should an operator decide you have voilated the rules significantly.