Introduction Program to the Light Aspect

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Introduction Program to the Light Aspect

Post by Project Armonia » Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:00 am

For those of you seeking to learn the Jedi Path, you will find that before we admit you into more hallways, you will need to complete an initiation program. This is the hallway which contains the 16 lessons for you to explore what the Jedi Path is. Each lesson is derived from a piece that was written by the Jedi Community in 2013 known as the Jedi Compass. You can access the document itself in the link provided at the end of this introduction.

The lessons do not need to follow this order, except that you must at least complete Lesson 1 and 2 first and Lesson 16 last. Some of these questions are worded so that when you post a dialogue can be created between you and a members in the community. However, the FA recognizes that sometimes too many people can bombard one's holocron and (typically, though sometimes we forget) respect the right of the Holocron writer to make an addendum that they would prefer that most people stay out of their thread. That said, a Light Jedi Master or Knight reserves the right to open up dialogue with you as it pertains to the initiates program.

With that in mind, it is the request of the Director of Light Aspect Education, that you have a specific Holocron dedicated to training. So when you label it, please do so by saying “(name here) Training Journal/Holocron”

Lesson 1: The Force
Lesson 2: The Jedi Code
Lesson 3: Duty to All
Lesson 4: Respect for the Law
Lesson 5: Defense
Lesson 6: Action
Lesson 7: Self Awareness
Lesson 8: Tolerance
Lesson 9: Responsibility
Lesson 10: Fortitude
Lesson 11: Integrity
Lesson 12: Objectivity
Lesson 13: Aggression
Lesson 14: Recklessness
Lesson 15: Attachments
Lesson 16: Discipline ... _Community


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