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Matters of the mundane: Chapter IV

Good plans in life are made on good research. No matter how good you are, good research will always help you be better. The top football teams in the world still send scouts to research their opponents before a match, to be able to create a good strategy towards dealing with the opponent. As such, research skills are highly important things to learn about as a dark student and initiate, to allow you to focus learn and train to a better level of efficiency in your studies.

The world is full of so very much bullshit information. Many peoples main research tool is the internet, again filed with so much crap and nonsense spouted as if it is the law from many stupid people. A small delicate section of truth exists within the source. Without the relevant skills, you could be learning and taking your information from something incredibly useless. Indeed you could be following instructions turning you into a human slave, or doing someone else’s work for them. You could be turning yourself into a good worker for a company, or any other number of things which are not in correlation with the striving for self perfection that being a student of the dark entails.

Good research, leads to good understand. Let us recount for a second the age old adage knowledge is power. There are other forms of power, sure, but knowledge is supreme to many of them, and to have the power of knowledge can never be seen as a disadvantage, but can only help to booster your chances, whoever you are, from the most basic neophyte, to the season weathered veteran.

Learning how to research requires good skills, cross checking, finding many different sources, knowing how to use each medium you research within efficiently. Knowing how to use search engines well, how to use encyclopedias, how to use your local library system, how to skim read, how to use an index. All basic skills, but when refined can be used to a standard that will gain the user much much more.

In conclusion, the learning of good research skills rather than the basic intuitive ones a human naturally possesses is of great importance to the dark initiate.

- Kissed by Shiva