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Greetings to all, who would feel themselves entitled to deserve it.

It was some time ago, since I last ventured into these halls. I express my hope, that all who shared some steps with me in the past on the road, have gone their way, taking a fair share of bricks under their boots.

Consider this post, as a brick that flew to your face unexpectedly. Evade it if you wish, walk on it if you like, and leave it behind, if you dare.

Humans are the highest level of beings, of which’s existence human science can prove. Ages have passed, in human existence, and the sciences, that take the approach of the antithesis of human science, have taken many faces and definitions.

It does not matter whether it is the in itself limited, solely mental based approaches, like theology/ philosophy, solely physical based ones, like sports, or the example of practical intended variations that try to incorporate both mental and physical, like yoga, experiences have been, can, and are continuously harvested by mankind, that focus towards development.

As the directions take more and more conscious ways, so do the approaches focus on two elements. Something, that is infinite, above, and far between , like God(s), Spirit(s), Demon(s) and the like, maximizing the world view, and usually revering or focusing on the highest imaginable exister, and something that is inside, within, below, crawling above and beneath human surface, empowering and hindering every step, that what is often mentioned as Ego, Individuality or Consciousness.

As the concept of human soul have been cracked/invented, so have all approaches been centering around it, either placing it as a singular entity, a piece of ‘God’, or, a synthesis in a way and mean, of both.

Levels of existence, since the concept of development exists, have always been researched. Obviously, since animal existence, feelings, needs and automations can not satisfy any thirst of knowledge, that intends to aim high and above, so was he main concept of self consciousness/awareness brought into light.

Self consciousness/awareness is a state of the Ego. If one looks at himself in a mirror, recognizing himself, and accepting, a new state is being created. Depending on how much one can perceive from himself, levels emerge. As the less one knows of himself, the more limited the self awareness/conscious will be, and the more one progresses along that road, so widens the self awareness/conscious.

Obviously, the highest level is complete self knowledge, in this form. As the self conscious of a plant is more limited compared to an animal, so are its existence, possibilities and features.

Only humans have the ability and option, from the acknowledged life forms on earth, that have the freedom and option to focus as a connection between the spiritual and the material world.

Approaches can be divided into categories, that can be defined as light and dark ways, and despite the fact that the dark approach, has always the luxury of deeming itself light, and the light aspect the dark, both tend to agree ont he deeper nature of these colours.

One of the most simple, approaches (thus the more widespread and accepted) in this context is to divide the universe to good or bad, along the lines of the individually perceived and understood ‘barriers’ of light and dark, Setting barriers might be necessary, if one wishes to focus on a spot, not wishing to be overwhelmed, disturbed, or mislead by the flood of other spots that form waves, but permanently remaining behind those boundaries, is nothing more than accepting a somewhat wider scoped animal existence.

If there is an ultimate Ego, God, Force, Power, Consciousness, than all other Egos, Gods, Forces, Powers and Consciences are only limited versions of it.

In belief systems, where the world is black and white, picturing existence as some kind of war field between ‘Good and Evil’, ‘Light and Dark’, ‘God and the Devil’, ‘Jin and Yang’ etc, the danger of remaining and getting anchored by these valid and perceivable resonations is obvious, for both sides.

Progress might be only possible if one acknowledges, a required, and rudimentary element.

Opposite poles of a magnet form a magnet, and not just some negative and positive polar. A separate, although thoroughfully on those two elements grounded body.

If there is an equal powerful god of the light, and an evil supreme devil of the dark, with nothing else existing, with their SOLE purpose of fighting each other, than there can be no progress, no step made, for they would simply negate all formations the other would create.

What can be seen however, is a synthesis. Birth could not exist without death, the concept of childhood without aging, the concept of value without destruction. Thus a unity is forming a motion, and the fight of the two ‘elements’ can be perceived as one term.

Motion. At the roots of this concept, lies the creator, the world wheel, the concept and the ego that maintains the universal system. Regardless of human concept of good and evil.

Differences between the concept of development already emerge by deciding whether it is a ‘heresy’ to try to reach the state of that one supreme exister, with the individual self conscious, or a ‘duty’.

And that is the spot, where the light and the dark road begins to separate.

‘White light religions’ provide all kinds of means, that serve as the purpose of after reaching a clearly defined spiritual level, one is to do this and that. From the most primitive concepts, where the ‘true believers’ have to follow some commandments, and if they reach and maintain that level where those bring them, they can relax and wait for the heavenly manna to drop into their mouths , denying the possibility of the chance existing to reach the level of the ‘creator’, considering any knowledge that would bring them closer to that level tainted and forbidden, to the highest of the light sider thesises, where one is indeed able to reach the level of the creator, becoming one with him through the development of self knowledge, consciousness and awareness, by eventually losing the ego that enable him to evolve from animal state, in favor of the higher ego filling him, all focus ultimately, on the loss of the individuality, and ego, that enabled them to rise.

‘Dark religions’ instead focus on the rebellion, against that concept. From the most primitive levels, where ‘true believers’ commit ‘only’ rebellious acts, for the sake of becoming anthithesises of white light concepts, in fear of losing the things that white light tenets would persuade them to lose, to the highest levels, where practitiones of the paths focus on the fullest development of the ego, with , int he same time, acquiring as much power, potential and option that is available at their current state, always striving for more, ultimately approaching godhead, and the creators level, piece by piece.

As it can be perceived, ultimately, on the highest levels, both ‘sides’ aim, reach for, and as one can suspect, result in becoming as close as possible to the creator level, no matter which road, light or dark one would take. Angels or saints of certain beliefs can well represent the aspects where the light sider concepts might place the full potential they might wish for, and are able to reach, and devils and demons of infinite sorts represent the stages of the other side, who are vying for more and more progress, on their individual, singular and often competitive level.

Before the creator, both good and evil, light and dark, Jin and Yang are equally parts of that cycle, of motion. With their every clash, they come closer to the well, on their chosen path that spawned them.

Thus, the road of the Dark Adept is the road of Darkness, with all the denizens of that world, that the dark side spawned, gave birth to, or accepted as its child sucking its essence from its breasts.

Do not forget, and always be mindful, where your Ego might lead you.

- Maotun