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I sometimes wonder at how many ideas were never uttered due to a feeling of intimidation, or of a desire to please, to avoid causing offence. I myself have been guilty of this, but as the years go by I find myself less inclined to cater to the feelings of other individuals. Some might fear that their words risk being picked apart by a superior intellect, others may simply wish to avoid conflict out of some misguided wish for peace or harmony; there are also those that simply never grow beyond the fixation of accomadating and 'getting along' with everyone, and they to often wish to avoid being challenged. And that is only to name three of countless possible motivations for not speaking one's mind, for failing to assert one's independence.

And of independence, there are so many who do not seem to understand that it is distinct from rebellious behavior. Independence is not a quality defined by always dissenting, always opposing; rather, it is a matter of simply going one's own way, which may or may not coincide with the way in which more prominent figures happen to be going. And in my experience, it's manifestation is dependent on the overcoming of a most common societal condition against conflict. How many do this, but will not admit it, and how many will not do this but like to claim they can? A far greater number than I had ever thought. I see it all to often in my daily life, and I don't like it; it's so... distasteful, pathetic.

It is amusing though, to see peace-lovers dominate others for their precious 'lack of hostility' to remain, in image if not in truth. These men and women tend to have little qualms in not only voicing, but imposing their views on others; a curious irony. Indeed, in the game where players are either masters or slaves it is peace-lovers and unifying - or more truthfully, subjugating - mouths that are masters par excellence. They want their peace, and they will have it. And those who submit to the wills of their masters deserve it for their lack of strength, if for no other reason. If only they would conflict with their masters, the whole sad thing would be revealed to everyone for what it really is... a game! Yes, just about anything can be looked at as a game, but I myself have found games of much more value than that for having finally embraced the conflict inherent in life.

But alas, my thoughts are moving further from what I wish to say; the subject at hand is thus: Speak! If you have something to say, say it. Are you afraid of what your buddy might think, standing next to you at the party? Pass through the fear, and speak! Are you anxious at the thought of being disagreed with? Then grow a pair and speak!

- Darth Draconis