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On Drama. - Snowy Aftermath

Post by Snowy Aftermath » Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:03 am

There is always a great deal of fussing. People love to flap their arms about this and about that. Everybody loves an uproar and everyone believes their drama is the most fascinating.

What pulls your focus this time? Are you letting other people use your fears to control you? Are you so wrapped up in an online forum that you've slowed down working toward your goals in even the tiniest degree? If you went without this forum or any other specific thing for a month... the dramas and power struggles would start to seem particularly small and useless, wouldn't they?

Let those who would leave because of their lack of commitment here leave. Let whoever thinks they've found a better path in your life go. Offer them no hostility. Focus that energy on your own life. Pour yourself into those things that matter, your own pursuits.

Quit looking at everything around you and letting every little pocket of misery alter your course.

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