On Mortose's Appeal

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On Mortose's Appeal

Post by Sotunus » Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:29 pm

The individual known to the community as Mortose recently made a Personal Defence. The Inner Council has decided to maintain the ban, with another appeal being disallowed until at least August 2019. The reasons for this, in brief, are as follows:

1. In July 2017, the case of Mortose received a review. During this review the evidence was re-examined, and a polling of community opinion made. The evidence was considered at best inconclusive, and at worst damning, with the majority of the polled community not wishing to allow Mortose to return. The matter has received significant due consideration very recently.

2. The role of Mortose as an individual in recent issues regarding Dark Aspect leadership. Similarly, the advocates who have a history of taking up the cause of Mortose return, have served as a consistent disruption. The Inner Council recognises that this is not the sole fault of the individual Mortose, and that the aforementioned advocates share the blame. However, this advocacy is not divisible from the actions of Mortose, and thus Mortose remains a source of disruption.

3. Recent, unwanted, interaction with members of the Force Academy, and Mortose's attempt to regain entry through deceit under the pseudonym of Eleven. Both indicate an inability to respect boundaries, and respect for those Mortose wronged in the past.

In response; I have composed a statement on behalf of the Inner Council to be issued to the individual known as Mortose. It is below in full:
Dear Mortose
I have composed this address on behalf of the Inner Council of the Force Academy, regarding the recent appeal delivered on your behalf by Setanaoko/Alethea. First; thank you for your well written, and structured appeal; I have taken it seriously, and considered its implications.

I wish to give you the benefit of the doubt, and wish to believe you have indeed grown as a person, and have taken the lessons of the past to heart. However, despite this, I must inform you that your ban will be upheld. This is for several reasons, and because you have tried to do the right thing by presenting an official appeal; I feel it only right you be provided our reasoning in a direct statement.

As you rightfully acknowledge in your appeal; you did great harm to many at the Force Academy. Although, forgiveness is a virtue I believe in; I cannot demand, nor can the Inner Council, demand forgiveness. The harm you caused was very real, and the pain experienced by many may never go away. They have a right to ask you not to be allowed back in their lives, and as the instigator of the harm caused, it falls on you as the accountable party to face the consequence of that. The consequence is that if the people harmed do not want you back in the Force Academy, they have the right to ask that you not be allowed back.

Similarly; trust is a currency. One you expended fully in your first time at the Force Academy, and continued to devalue with attempts to re-join through subterfuge. People lack the trust they need to give you even the benefit of the doubt; and simply saying you have changed is insufficient to win that essential trust back. This is something which has now impacted upon people you consider friends by your own volition; it has reduced trust in David to the point he has been removed as Head of the Dark Aspect. This lack of trust is problematic, and systematic, and without evidence can never be won back. However, I would warn that I suspect it can never be won back, and to try is a fool’s folly. Actions speak louder than words, and to many your past actions are much louder than your recent attempts to reconcile with the Force Academy. Reconciliations attempted through deceit I might add.

Furthermore; I must identify, and share with you issues I do take with elements of your appeal:

1. Referring to your past self in third person as Mortose. Distinctly distancing yourself, from that past self, thus reducing the ownership of those flawed actions by yourself. I can understand the need to distance oneself from a person you feel very different from now, but you were never not you; they were your actions, as you fully state, “My experiments were dangerous and often toxic”. However, referring in third person undermines the sincerity of the statements.

2. The opening statement of “Mortose was toxic to those weak of mind and spirit”. This inadvertently puts the blame on the victims of your past actions, by inferring that it was their weakness, not your actions which were inherently to blame.

3. The following Statement:

What will I give the FA?
I will give relevant experience, friendship to those who seek to be friends with me, and relevant talent.

I would argue that functionally, that is what all people offer to the Force Academy by being a member. You are not a new, unknown, potential member; you are a known individual, with a slope to climb. This argument needs to rest on what concrete, real assets you bring to the Force Academy, and most importantly it must include reasons to trust you, and shows your interest in truly being a positive influence at the Force Academy.

4. Regarding the matter of David; I respect your desire to protect your friend. However, it is not irrelevant. People’s distrust of you, and the influence you may have directly had on the Force Academy through David were very real, and substantial reasons for David being removed. It is a demonstration of why the ban is being upheld. Due to your past actions, a lack of trust in you, and individual’s scepticism about whether you have changed; the name Mortose carries a very disruptive weight.

Apologies for any disappointment in being informed the ban will be maintained. Also, according to policy being explored right now; another appeal is unlikely to be entertained until at least August 2019. Similarly; it is unlikely to be entertained without significant evidence to support your asserted character change.

With the above said; I am not going to recommend you forget the Force Academy. I recommend you learn from this experience. If you have changed, if you are now the person you claim to be; please recognise the harm, and pain, that is revisited whenever you attempt to return. Please recognise that your prior attempts at illicit entry have now reduced trust in all new members who join, from the suspicion it might be you. If you want to do right by the people you hurt, recognise their right not to allow you back in their lives; sometimes you can only help to heal by removing yourself, and respecting their wishes. If you hope to do good; carry it forward, be kind to the people in your life now, and to those you meet in the future. You cannot undo the past, but you can at least live to make a better future. Redeem yourself, not by trying to undo the past, but by making the future as good of one as you can.

I would also advise that you are unlikely to ever see the ban lifted, and I hope you now understand why. I would request, because we have done you the courtesy of respecting your request to receive an explanation, that you keep in mind my advice. I will not ask you to forget, but I ask you to learn, and to learn to forgive those who cannot forgive you. The harm we do we cannot undo. If you have changed; enjoy being your new self, the better you. Be that self, and do not let what you cannot change colour your future. I hope this message finds you well, and apologies for any disappointment caused.

Yours Sincerely


On the behalf of the Inner Council of the Force Academy.
A final note; any one failing to respect the next stated appeal opportunity of August 2019 will be subject to disciplinary measures. This is at the behest of the leaders of the Aspects, and by decision of the Inner Council. It is also for the benefit of Mortose as an individual, and those who were harmed by Mortose in the past. No one should be subject to repeated trials of their character, nor should others be made to re-live a situation through having it revisited time after time. Please respect the very real human beings behind the posts on these forums.

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