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Welcome to the Force Academy Wiki.

About the Force Academy

The Force Academy (FA) was founded in 1998, moving to its present home in 2009. The Force Academy is considered unusual for welcoming members of the Light, Shadow and Dark Aspects. It is also the online home for many members who view themselves as fitting into all aspects, or none, and simply participate in the activities on this website.

The FA's Purpose...

Governing Bodies

There are four councils at the Force Academy; the Light Council, Shadow Council, Dark Council and Inner Council. You will find further information regarding each aspect by visiting the portals:

Each Aspect Council overseers the training and promotion of students and handles disputes within its Aspect.

The Inner Council is composed of representatives from all Aspect Councils as well as admins. It was set up to address site-wide issues and for Aspect Councils to liaise with each other.