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Training Portal for the Light aspect of the FA


Jason Garrett - Calming Breath
JKG - First Breathing Exercise
JKG - Meditation I
LJC - Beginners Meditation
LJC - Concepts of Meditation
LJC - Meditation Introduction
Charles - The Training Wheels: Originally on Knights of Awakening

The Force

Alethea - Finding "The Force" Outside of Star Wars
Alethea - One Christian's Take on "The Force"
Darius - "The Force" Revisited
Ellen - Feeling the Force
Jasta-What is the Force?
JKG - Feeling the Force like a Fish
JKG - What is the Force
LJC - Feeling the Force
John Camillieri - "The Force" for "Schooling"
Various - Students Define "The Force"
Jon - Common Sense & "The Force"
Jon - To Be Empowered by "The Force"
Charles - The Guiding Force

Light and Dark

Aaron - Why I am Not a Darksider
ChrisR - A Jedi is Not Limited
Ellen - Characteristics of Force Adepts
Ellen - Confronting Your Dark Side 1
Ellen - Confronting Your Dark Side 2
Ellen - The Jedi Code
Ellen - The Monster - Facing Your Dark Side
Erik - Learning Defines a Light Jedi
Emma - Necessity of the Light
Jason - Characteristics of a Light Jedi
Jason - Why be of the Light Side?
JKG - What is a Light Side Jedi
JKG - Balance, and Why Be Lightside
JKG - Jedi Care and Giving
Joni - 4 Virtues of a Light Jedi
Joni - A Jedi is Full of Life
Joni - Choosing Life
Joni - Morals: Light & Dark
Joni - Yes There is Evil in the World
Lumos - Definition of a Light Jedi
Kirwan - What Makes a Light Side Jedi?
Vandor - Emotions of the Light Jedi
Vandor - Enemies
John Camillieri - Conscience
Opie MacLeod - Evil of the Light
Kate Solusar - The Light: The Harsh Taskmaster
Han Solo - FA's Light Jedi
Spark Vallen - What are Light Jedi?
Matt Tolstoy - Fighting Darkness

The Self

Fene - Self Esteem
JKG - Going with the Flow
LJC - Introduction to Self-Awareness
LJC - Know Thyself I
LJC - Know Thyself II
Vandor - Self Reliance
John Camillieri - 4 Virtues of a Jedi Knight
John Camillieri - Virtues of a Jedi's Labors
John Camillieri - What Would Yoda Do?
John Camillieri - The Chair of Pain
Opie MacLeod - Rules of Conduct
Vandor - Mindset
Alethea - Personal Responsibility & Accountability
Nidan - The Lesson of the White Belt
LJC - Taking an Inward Look at Life

Spirituality, Talents

Brandon - Reality
Callista - Guardian Spirits and the Afterlife
Ellen - Beliefs
Ellen - Aura Lecture
Joni - St. Michael
Josim - Dreamscape, Accessing the Subconscious Mind
Sensei Strange - Thoughts on the Afterlife
Spark - Light Religious Declaration
Streen - The Twelve Revelations
Khaos - Sacrifice


Adi - Acknowledging Your Feelings
Fene - Anger Management
Joni - Hatred
Joni - Looking at the Anger Within
Kenjiro - Good and Bad Envy
Kenjiro - Pride
Mark M - Gift of Feeling
Spark - Empathy
Alethea - Negatives of Enabling
John Camillieri - Emotional Definition
Kate Solusar - Dehumanized Jedi?
John Camillieri - Transform Emotions


Aaron - First Essay
Alethea - Language Barrier
Aisha - Ray of Light
Caledvolc - Toward Harmonious Living
Chelsea - Understanding and Tolerance
Ellen - Destiny and Free Will
Han Solo- Situational Awareness
JKG - Basic Intro to Force Academy
JKG - The Eye of the Storm
JKG - How Should I Learn
JKG - Learning Patience in your Studies
JKG - Mental and Physical Fitness
JKG - Training, Standard and Assorted
JKG - Where is Home for a Jedi
Mark M - Loyalty
Opie - The Jedi Circle
Spark - Jedi Etiquette
Spark - Being a Modern Jedi
Vandor - The Teacher: Jack of All Trades
Zigga - The Jedi Code
John Camillieri - Fidelity to The Force
John Camillieri - Measure Time in Good Deeds
John Camillieri - Let Justice Guide
John Camillieri - Principles Over Sentiment
John Camillieri - Life of Service
Steve Scott - Jedi & Society
Opie MacLeod - Doormat of the Community
Zigga - Simple
Aldar Perihelion - What Makes Us Human
Opie MacLeod - Jedi Controversy
Alethea - The Battlefield & You
Vandor - Define the Discussion For Yourself
Alethea - Jedi Decision Making Model
Charles - Selflessness or Callings