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How well do you know yourself? How well do you understand your existence?

The Shadow Aspect focuses on the nature of the Force itself, and strives to explore its underlying patterns and sub-currents; The way in which it manifests itself within any contextual setting.

As Shadows, we seek to gain awareness of the flowing Force - both within ourselves and in our surrounding environment - and through this gained awareness effect positive change in our personal paths in life. We strip reality to its bare essentials and learn to understand the different perspectives which people wrap around its essential core.

This makes us "Shadows" - very real and present, yet ever-changing and fluid. Our intimate relationship with the Force and our ability to consciously adapt are our greatest strengths. By understanding ourselves and our environment we can assume personal responsibility over our actions and act in a manner which constantly compliments the bigger scheme surrounding us.

Will you delve into the depths of your own reality?

Shadow Aspect Portal

This is the portal for the Shadow aspect of the FA. You're welcome to use it to navigate our lectures, training resources and aspect-related information: