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A hunter of shadows, himself a shade.

Homer, Odyssey, II. 572.

Current Shadows

Shadow Council Members

The Shadow Council currently consists of the following members:

  • Raven (Head of the Shadow Aspect)
  • Pelar
  • Azrael

Contact the Shadow council at the following address: Or contact the individual council members on the FA boards.


Name: Raven

Other names include: Epona Zhinjin

Joined the Force Academy: 2000

Apprenticed by: none

Knighthood: tested by Group(Sauron, Xavarri, Marian ), 2003

Masterhood: 2010

Apprentices: Cen Wolfclaw, Carlos (Knight)

I first found the FA shortly after Star Wars phantom menace came out. I didn’t join initially, I just spent time reading the main web pages and chatting with people in the FA chat room. I late 2000 a Shadow master named Sauron convinced me to join the boards and I never looked back. The Shadow were definitely my home. I spent several years learning from different members, knights and masters , and participating in Shadow training, and eventually was knighted in 2003. I stayed on the council for a short time, but like most recently knighted Shadows, I went off to turn my new Shadow knowledge into more practical wisdom. In 2005 I returned to a FA without a Shadow council. Many old members showed up at the same time and we started the Council again. I co lead the Council for a few Training semesters and when the boards moved to the new site, through attrition, the title fell to me alone. Through the years I’ve written a few lectures and I’ve helped with creating and running several different training programs. This year our old school Shadows have returned and a new shadow group is on the verge of immerging. It’s an exciting time……


Azrael (Saevous)

Shadows from the past


Name: Ait

Other names include: Crying Phoenix, Falling Rain

Joined the Force Academy: 2000

Apprenticed by: Shinobi

Knighthood: tested by Kageshin, 2006

Masterhood: 2009

Apprentices: Alloran Centauri, Flowing Pearl (Knight)

I'm not one for exceptionally long speeches, especially ones that attempt to glorify, so I will keep this fairly brief. I joined the Shadows roughly a decade ago and was took on by Master Shinobi, albeit for a short amount of time. I endeavored to learn what I could from his wisdom while dealing with my own shortcomings. I received further training over the years by many people in many places. I took a very roundabout path toward knighthood and leadership of the Shadow community. I have at one point been the council leader and head of education, helped to build a training program and have written several lectures, most notably the Traveler story. I have trained a student into knighthood and did my best to guide many others along the path of the Shadow. I have come and gone with this community, but my leaves are never permanent, nor do I ever intend them to be.

Any further questions can be sent via private messages.



Name: Shadowsenshi

Other names include: Jacen, Zakarum, Senshi

Joined the Force Academy: 1999

Apprenticed by: Shinobi

Knighthood: tested by shinobi 2000

Masterhood: 2001

Apprentices: Kageshin, Marian Plank, jarjarbinks, vanessia and a few others

I've been around the Fa since pretty much the start, I was drawn to shinobi (justin tallant) and had the honor of being his second padawan, I have been on many incarnations of the Shadow Council, and continue to poke around to this day.

I tend to come and go, which seems to be a shadow thing at times, but this place is my Home, and I always find myself drawn back every so often.

I have no real lectures to speak of floating around, I much prefer to speak in person and have a flowing discussion then put down some information and say "learn this".

feel free to send a private message to me if you have any questions.



Andrew Watson


Colin Waring

Flowering Pearl


Kerian el Dunnes

Kira Wake

Lady Redlum


Pargan Rroo


Rogue Ace



Stalking Tiger

Trevor Robson