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By Shadow Master Raven (October 2017)

Raven's take. What is the point of this academy? What is the draw of the 3 paths? Why, is one aspect a lifetime of training?

philosopher -> initiate -> master

The above is the progression of a dedicated member of an aspect here at the FA.

We all come in at the level of philosopher with regard to the FA. There is something inside that resonates first with the Force and then with one of the aspects. Energy builds, awareness of being and doing more with ones life builds and a connection with one path grows.

When a person enters an aspect they are still the philosopher. They have an idea, they may have great rhetoric, they may even have life experience that matches them with said aspect, but they are still the philosopher.

When a person commits to a path they are committing to themselves. They are committing to something greater that they want to be so that they can, in the future, do something greater in the world. The process for each person is different. Some people know the bigger life they wish to live and so they start at a true initiate process. Others are lost and live in a vague random ideal of some general want, or need, or fear. The latter people have a long way to go before they become an initiate. They may aspect hop, they may argue almost anything, they may leave, and they remain a philosopher of the aspect(s) until they become clear, and find their definite purpose and choose.

As an initiate here, the person commits to a path, a desire for themselves, a vision of the world (personal world) they wish to live in. The job of the aspect is to assist the person in first seeing their current identity as insufficient to ever attaining their vision, supporting them as they deconstruct mind and body habits that control said Identity, and encourage the creation of the new identity that has the will and ability to step into and live the vision that was created by the former self. The identity MUST be deconstructed to make room for a new Identity to grow.

Most people do not make it deep into the initiate process. The idea of letting go and deconstructing a comfortable, known, identity that has served them up to their current state stops many. After all, who are they if not their identity?

The aspects job is to hold space for the brave who are willing to, not only ask that question, but wish to have the vision so badly that they are willing to become the person who can inhabit that place and space.

It is not for the aspect to hold the vision, or for the aspect to create the new identity that the person chooses to become. Only to assist the person in seeing themselves clearly and to allow that person to choose who they wish to become to manifest their vision and their world.

Those that dive into the initiate role change. They are not the same person they were when they joined the aspect. They are a deeper, more actualized individual. They are a Knight (or whatever teacher role an aspect chooses to use).

The knight has shifted identity, in a valid creative way and changed their personal world in some way, but this shift doesn't have to remain. Creating a new identity is easy, making it stick and become habit, where the mind becomes a body and the body habitually controls the mind is work. If the work isn't continued the Knight will fall back into old habits which holds the old identity. Body memory changes take consistent work. That's why every book in history preaches consistency over anything else.

For the individual a shift happens, through consistency, where the new identity becomes that natural state. The body now has a chemical reaction that triggers the minds thoughts, that create more chemical reaction in the body (an unconscious competence of mind/body at work). And that reaction now is one that the individual has consciously cultivated to create an energy that can handle the vision they want to live. This state is mastery of a world that was only philosophy at one point. The identity is build and comfortable and can create and live in the once outrageous vision.

Once this occurs, the person now has the tools to envision more and change identities or pieces of identities to keep building their worlds in whatever direction they wish. Some stay and lead on adding their unique tools and lessons to the aspect, but most go and live life.

This is the purpose of the FA from this Black Birds perspective.